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Thursday, August 31, 2006
[a] 10:10 PM


i found the teachers' day vid presented by the infocomm at youtube. go search for vjc at youtube. u might find some very interesting vids..there's one about our very own josef. LOL.. guys, let's mug bloody hard during this sept hol but at the same time, please do take care of ur health and still must find time to enjoy and relax! okay, hope to see u guys during the family 3!

jiawei was here

Saturday, August 26, 2006
[a] 11:42 AM

I think you (Jiawei) have to tell the class in school. Then we can have more responses from the class. Hm.. Are there any chalets in the West? haha..i haven't been to the West for a long time. The last time I went is Bukit Batok. Never went to Boon Lay. Haha.. About the blog, u all decide lah. I don't have a voice in this cos I changed the blogskin into this one. (It's like duh that I like this one. haha..) But majority wins in the end, so lets's VOTE!

Was here and now gone.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
[a] 8:39 PM

okay..this is a much nicer layout..less gay and emo.. ya loyang is in pasir ris, which is a governemnt chalet..cheaper and bigger. but if we can't tt, it is still alright. we can still take the coasta sand. anyone had any major event during the dec hol? like OCIP? oversea trips? etc. haha..i can't wait for teachers' day to come. i guess this is the day that we can go back to meet all our secondary school frens. okay..cya guys!!!

jiawei was here

Monday, August 21, 2006
[a] 10:45 PM

Oh, new skin. Lol. I can't see the colours of it though. my screen is now green. So irritating. Going to buy a new LCD screen soon. haha.. so yeah.. loyang chalet? where is loyang? haha.. near pasir ris izit? I think i've hiked there b4. haha..is there a beach there? haha..

[a] 9:59 PM

If anyone does not like this new layout or has any super uber violent objections, just holler. In the meantime, being the IT idiot that I am, I can't shift the tagboard and everything on the right, down. So, whoever (which probably makes it everyone) who is more IT savvy, please shift it down because it does look rather terrible. And whoever who can change the tagboard colour, please do so, the colour scheme is hideous. (:

Anyway, GUYS, you must be thinking that it's too girly or gay, but! Since y'all are so gentlemenly, you would give in to the girls to have this up right? I'm sure you would! (:

In case you were wondering of this sudden change, I thought we just needed some colour in our lives and I just thought we should have a face lift, just like how our class needs a new outlook to keep us from falling apart.

Love, Ethel.

Monday, August 14, 2006
[a] 11:40 PM

Sunday, August 13, 2006
[a] 12:53 AM

okay..someone said that as a CT rep i must blog. it is the first time i blog anyway. lol. this so called holiday, i have made a promise to myself..which is to study and do physics. But now it is SUNDAY, 12.50am now. i haven started anything yet. looks like holiday is really holiday to me. for those who didn't wentfor the thurs sentosa class outing, next time must go k? we will have whole loads of fun playing Handball. guys dun follow my example..i now abit regret not studying during this week of hol. today or shld i say ytd night...sat.. went to see fireworks by the France. for those of u who went for the tues..i not sure whether is it as nice as what i seen..but really..the france one really...got nothing to say..it truly WOWs the whole thousands of singaporeans who flocked from all parts of spore to gather in the what we call the marina bay. lol. i have made a promise to myself. i will come to this blog as often as possible..like what i told sam..make this my blog..lol..joking..guys please blog here or at least tag something..lol...

-jiawei was here-