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Friday, March 31, 2006
[a] 8:31 PM

RIGHT. So this place is basically dying. Except for the tag board which is still surprisingly alive. So, I'm thinking since this blog entries part is rather dead, I shall just contribute my part to it. BUT. BIG problem. I have no idea what to type. AHHH. I hate it when I get writers' block. So you know what I do when I get writer's block? I start to ramble. So guess what? I guess I'll start rambling here and now.

TGIFriday! I just love fridays. Timetable is totally great. I love it. I love PE. Don't you all just LOVE playing badminton? HAHA. Quite tiring though, I find. OHWELLS. NAPFA is coming up. I think I'll fail it. Ah. I THINK I'll go to the gym everyday. Okay. This is so not the thing to blog here. Maybe for my own blog I will. Anyhow. How was music fest for those who went? Was it good? We should have a class hangout sometime soon again. Lectures/tuitorials are getting on my nerves being totally boring and all.

OH YEAH. Happy April Fools' day y'all. Kinda sad that because its april fools day that the jokes they played on us in school isn't really funny or surprising anymore. haha okay. Now I have nothing more to ramble so i guess I'll just shut up now. (:

One more thing. I'm not going to say who I am. But I guess you guys will be able to find out lah. It's so me. haha. okay. shutting up now. See you guys monday.

Sunday, March 26, 2006
[a] 12:01 PM

everything's back to normal.tagging business resumes. now. cheers.^('@')^

p.s cbox username and password same as for the blog.feel free to change the settings.

Saturday, March 25, 2006
[a] 11:57 PM

heihei sorry ppl screwed up e tag board stuff while trying to change it lol.looks like i aint too gd with java script yea?urm blogskin eugene?or do u wanna do it?heehee ^('@')^

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
[a] 6:00 PM

i did this blog while having dinner...If u all want it, den blog it. if don't want, i also don't mind shutting it down =) people without blogs cos they do not have lots of time to spend on blogging can blog here. it need not be a everyday thing. Jus blog abt something u wanna say. And u r free to edit anything u wan. change tag board or whatever. i also think the board sucks. lol.. This colour combi not nice. Change it to cbox or whatever.. Change that 2500kps modem if u want, ETHEL. lol.. I wanna sleep.. (-.-)