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Saturday, December 02, 2006
[a] 5:23 PM

dear 06 S 41,

this is a hate entry.

jiawei sucks.

k no larh.
blog, jiawei.

this entry informs you of a mid-december barbeque.

so far, details are as follows:

who: 06 S 41.
what: barbeque.
where: mahesha's place.
when: to be confirmed. prolly sometime around christmas.
why: "no expectations, no disappointments."
how: eat, laugh, et cetera.

yours truly,

Friday, November 17, 2006
[a] 10:26 PM

dear 06 S 41,

i have had this list of things to do since.. august?

here it is:

1. watch a movie [someone's place / theatre]
2. sports: east coast park, etc.
3. sleepover
4. barbeque
5. sentosa
6. ice-skating
7. shopping, try on weird clothes / accessories
8. stargazing
9. e2max room at cathay cineleisure
10. big round coffeeshop table.
11. invite ms ng to something.

the next section of this blog entry is something you might not exactly be interested in, but i'm putting it here anyway:

Sam's Useless Comments On Some Of The Above Eleven Points.

6. ice-skating
we'll never really get to do this, i realize. our classmates are either too scared to try or too lazy to travel to get to the only rink open in singapore, which is in apparent and desperate need of more ice-skating rinks.

7. shopping, try on weird clothes / accessories
perhaps this should apply to the nine of us, yeah, girls?

10. big round coffeeshop table.
or any other huge table that can accomodate twenty-five to twenty-eight people with room for their belongings.
speaking of which, why can't we all just hang out. why must we actually do something.

11. invite ms ng to something.
the last time, she seemed pretty interested in rollerblading with us at the beach, didn't she. who knows, it might be a whole lotta fun having her around.

yours truly,

Monday, November 13, 2006
[a] 8:38 PM

HELLO! Thought I have the duty to update on today's class outing. Anyhow, since a picture speaks a thousand words, there'd be approximately 9000 words here. (: Well, I'll take you through picture diary.

Hello! Sam eats chicken rice!

JiaWei and Joel.

Edward and JiaWei.

Hello Mahesha! Nice nails. (:

Mahesha, Ethel and JiaWei. DO NOT comment.

OH look! Ethel's face is cut in four!

VIVOcity models of the year!

Forfeiters of the day. Sam, you're next! (:

Group picture!

Love, Ethel.

Friday, November 10, 2006
[a] 10:20 PM

EUREKA! I have nothing to say. I dont understand the use of blogs and will never. Which is why if you shift your vision a little to your left, you wont see a link with my name on it. But in any case, i'm here "blogging".

Big thank you to eugene for his kind comments. Well anyway year 1 is finally over. It's passed real fast. What a shame. Now im a year closer to losing my hair.

Big thank you to all of you 06s41 people for making this a memorable year. Not exactly one id like to live through again, but memorable nevertheless. Hopefully next year is better for everyone.

In other more important news, all of you vivocity-sentosa-going people, meet at harbourfront mrt station at 11am on monday morning.

Ive got nothing else to say, so see you people on monday. Or whenever.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006
[a] 5:00 PM

Today, 1st of November 2006, Wednesday.
I almost killed Joel.
It was rather hilarious in a sadistic way.
I pushed him off his chair, by accident.
Joel fell on the floor.
Samantha thinks I wasn't sorry.
But I really am.
I'm sorry Joel!
You nearly died.
But you didn't really care anyway (Sam says this)
I'm really sorry I nearly killed you.
I really am.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006
[a] 7:05 PM

Zzz, I shall do my part in livening this blog up too!

This is probably a sequel to Sam's post earlier on.


Andrea: LOL. Can't believe I'm starting on this already. Well, hahaha..How to start ah? *serious* A cheerful, bubbly lady who smiles alot as though there is no tomorrow.

Next, who arh? I forgot. I anyhow whack lah.

Samantha: A dark-coloured skinned lady.Paces around and lurks in the shadows of people. Cynical lady.Ok, seems like I've given a lot of negative comments. haha, OK! A thoughtful lady who places others in front of her. That really explains why she lurks BEHIND people. haha..

Ethel: Erm..haha. FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, she has a great smile never fails to..yeah, sparkling eyes and yeah. Insists on her theory of 'girls rule' Oh wells. Seriously, do girls deserve equality? Zzz. They want males to be gentlemanly and at the same time treat them as equals. Gentlemanly sure. But why can't they do the same things that we guys do? For example..erm..Carrying chairs. haha..Equality what..so get on with it! Lol, i think i just suicide myself or something. She's funny at times. Sometimes there are just so much things bottling up in her which brings her so far, so far away. Hm.. Well, I still believe in that and i will always do. Anyway, yeah. that's all i'm going to say. :)

Cihui: A good listener but never take advantage of that. Always complain that she got a headache. Well, seriously! Go knock yur head on the wall! you'll feel better.And haha, always crave for ice cream and her chicken. lol, whatever lah, tell me for what?? haha..As if I can conjure a chicken down from the sky. =.="

Tan Chun: A lame lady who is merticulous in her work. A perfectionist when it comes to any secretary work. So..now you know why my group pushes most of the work to her rather than He Li. lol..And, don't be so lame lah! haha =)

Jasmine: A bubbly and back-out-in-the-last-minute girl. During normal outings lah! Still huh for what? haha..Always dwell on the duck-worm thing. Anyway, today, I've drawn lots of wormy lines on my chinese book. Highlight mah..haha..

Dorcas: Extremely smart lady who is also on the side of the ducks. Heard that she got photographic memory wor.. o.O Don't mess with her oh..later u bully her, she will remember that scene for life.

He Li: Lol. Nothing to say. Maybe a sentimental lady whom you can share problems with. maybe you can. i dunno. lol..And, yur handwriting! it erm..ok. nvm.

Marisa: Erm, a funny lady who is a professional 'tapper'. Specialise in tapping other people's shoulders. Always give funny comments which makes people laugh inside. ok lah, sometimes.

Boys. So many boys leh. I still need to study chinese. T-T

Jia Wei: Our CT rep. Funny at times. Always make me laugh inside. Tries to bully me but well, if I'm not affected which means you fail right? haha..maybe we should go night cycling some other time. PLEASE! Are we going to have a chalet? I guess not bah. I've mentioned it few months again. but well..lol. suit yourself.

Jerrold: I'M NOT GOING TO SAY HE'S SMART. he's funny at times. Always let me bully. So fun! Well, it's cos we have reeached a stage of a certain understanding. Well, you also TRIED to bully me wat..haha. Since when did we quarrel? haha..guard your pants and yeah, the chair you ARE ABOUT to sit too.

Shang Hong: An interesting guy if you know him. Gives scornful comments at times. He has lots of stuff in his house! An ex-scout. Well, maybe a hardworking and focused guy.

Shang Mao: Well, they are a pair of twins! so can i skip this? haha..I guess he is more towards the introvert side bah.

Joel: Zzz. lazy guy. Seriously, you better drop a CCA or something. And please STUDY! it's for your own good lah. well, you know it yourself. A cheerful guy. Seldom see him him flare up. Aiyah..even if he does, i wont succumb.

Kok Cher: lol, funny guy as well. Hm, his Dad drives a MERC! wth lah..Rich kid.

Edward: Lol, funny guy as well. lol..*sian le lah..* A chilli lover. And stop holding my arm! haha..it's erm..so not normal lah. =)

Waseem: huh..a dark-skinned guy. A good catcher and a loud speaker. If your computer's speakers are faulty, you know who to look for.

hamdan: If you like ham and 'dan' (egg), please look for this guy. He will probably tell you the physics behind the molecules in the egg reacting when being cooked.

yao peng: A funny guy as well. makes me laugh sometimes. Strong guy. yeah..what the hell does he eat? i mean compared to me, he is like..lol, i think he can hurl me into the sea single-handedly lah.

kyne: claimed that he is DOTA king. zzz. Smart kid as well. Try to open yourself up more!

karan: well, i dunno. big house. yeah. try to use a laser pointer yeah. zzz

Farrell: no comments. not funny at all, i'm not laughing now. Seriously, some things can't be forgiven with an apology.

Micheal: zzz, lol, quite a nice guy actually. But just that his bo-chapness and his tone scares people away.

Mahesha: dark skinned guy. yeah. cool.

yes, still got me.

Eugene: lol. zzz..i go study le lah.. I'm normal.

"She has something I want." - part of a song lyrics. so yeah.

~Eugene was here and now gone.~

[a] 3:58 PM

dear 06 S 41,

since no one wants to blog, i shall blog on behalf of everyone.

projectwork is making us insane.
mother tongue is getting less and less interesting, more and more distasteful. nauseating, even.
but we still love meeting everyone! the pw group, the classmates, the teachers, the CT rep, the ACT, the secretary, the treasurer, et CETERA.

wait. i don't even know who's secretary and who's treasurer. ethel has what post now?

we've been exercising / training, some more than others.
we've been eating healthily, some more than others.
we've been polite, some more than others.
we've been yelling, some more than others.
we've been destroying school property, some more than others.
we've been hardworking, some more than others.
we've been checking dictionaries, some more than others.
we've been out for lunch for hours, some more than others.
we've been watching films and serials, some more than others.
we've been singing along to don't look back in anger, come what may, supreme, et CETERA, some more than others.
we've been thinking, some more than others.
we've been blogging, some more than others.

initially i wanted to blog for each person, as in:
today, andrea blah blah blah blah.
kok cher walked around in school today and thought to himself, blah blah blah.

and for everyone else.
but i didn't have enough time for that. would've been fun, though.

yours truly,

Sunday, October 22, 2006
[a] 9:04 PM